Welcome to the MUSCLE Colors Image Archive (MCIA). Here you will find images of every MUSCLE figure in the MUSCLE toy line.

In 1986, Mattel released the MUSCLE toy line which consisted of 233 unique, 2-inch tall, pink, plastic figures. In 1987, they released the 233 sculpts in an additional eight colors. Many combinations of the 233 sculpts and 8 new colors were made. (Mattel subsequently released a MUSCLE board game which included only five of the original 233 figures in a new grape color.)

If you would like to comment or ask questions about the archive, please contact me via the Little Rubber Guys forum. If you would like to learn more about MUSCLE toys, and believe me, there is a lot more to learn, I recommend visiting Nathan’s MUSCLE Page! If you’d like to document your personal MUSCLE collection, and browse those of other collectors from around the world, be sure to visit the MUSCLEDB.

Finally, while many collectors have contributed in many ways to this archive, I would like to offer special thanks to the following individuals!

Alex Forbes for contributing what I guesstimate to be about 90% of the images in this archive. Included were hundreds of common figures needed to flesh out the archive, as well as dozens of rare and uncommon figures. Furthermore, Alex informed me in December of 2008 that he had reached an amazing milestone in the world of MUSCLE collecting: He had completed a full set of all 1528 MUSCLE figures! Congratulations Alex and thanks for all your help assembling the MUSCLE Colors Image Archive.

Universal Ruler Supreme for providing all the information about the trees, including the sculpt composition of each, the colors in which each sculpt was made, and the availibilty of each color. (See the Kinnikuman Parts section of the archive for details.)

Nathan Newell for designing the original html framework for the archive.

Luke Oram for the brilliant artwork on the home page!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Soupie
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