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Sometime in 2007, CCVegita contacted Soupie expressing interest in creating a Greek Battle Beasts archive. Soupie, creator and owner of three other online toy archives, immediately agreed to the project. In fact, after Soupie and another avide toy collector, Matthew Fitz, had finished their Battle Beast Super Deformed archive, Matthew Fitz had also expressed interest in creating a Greek Battle Beast archive. Instead, Soupie and Matthew decided to work on another joint effort, Toypedia.

However, by the time CCVegita contacted Soupie in regards to a Greek Battle Beasts archive, Toypedia was well under way. Soupie therefore contacted Matthew, shared with him CCVegita's desire to work on an archive, and the rest is history.

Dr. Soupie


Soupie is an avid collector of several miniature figure toy lines from the 1980's and 90's. He maintains several other online mini-fig toy archives devoted to M.U.S.C.L.E., 1st Series GPK Cheap Toys, and, with the help of Matthew Fitz, Battle Beasts Super Deformed. He is also co-creator, with Matthew, of Toypedia, a blog devoted to documenting miniature figure toy lines.

He played a major role in the design and layout of this archive, and created many of the graphics.


Dr. Soupie


CCVegita is a collector of many toy lines but is first and foremost a BIG Battle Beast collector. After cleaning out boxes to move things to his new house in 2005, his passion for Battle Beasts as a child was reignited (much to the chagrin of his fiancee, now wife). After joining the old Beastformers board, and finding out there was more to Battle Beasts then just the normal 1-76 figures, he dove headlong into collecting everything the line had to offer (figures, variants, premiums, cards, gumballs, SDs, bootlegs, and Greeks).

His input into the site consisted of taking and editing the pictures of figures and weapons, including all the standard Beasts and all the Greeks in his collection. He created the thumbnail "cutouts" of the figures used in the archive. He also spent a lot of time digging around the LRG board for pictures of Greeks that people had posted in the past and contacting people for more images to add to the archive. Finally, Soupie relied on his knowledge of Battle Beasts and Greek Beasts to insure that all the various figures were labeled correctly and in proper order.


Dr. Soupie

Matthew Fitz

Matthew Fitz collects many mini-figures ranging from obscure vintage Japanese keshi through to the current day international favorite, Gormiti. Matthew's passion for such figures has grown from his childhood collection of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures; and, it was that collection that brought him to the on-line community now known as Little Rubber Guys back in 2005.

Matthew's input on this particular site was to provide the information and pictures for the information page. It was his pleasure to do so as Greek Battle Beasts are a firm favorite of his.


Special thanks to Scumdogg of the Little Rubber Guys forum for the awesome artwork on the main page!

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